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2011 "Hot Pepper" award winner! Once again the "Do Not Eat This" bar rockets its way to the top of this international competition! 2010 Zest Fest Winner for "Best Chocolate." We take a perfect blend of organic milk and dark chocolate and screw it up with an over-generous helping of ghost chilies, Aji Amarillo chilies and a splash of Chili Arbol. You really shouldn't eat this, but you can shave some on your ice cream for an out-of-this-world combination! (A full metal death chili and chocolate bitch slap. You have been warned!)

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6 Reviews

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    It Also Clears My Sinuses

    Published by @Gizmopunk on 4th Mar 2013

    I'm a chocolate and pepper nutcase. I have had Theo's, XOXO, etc. None of them did the trick. Admittedly I'm the guy in the produce isle nibbling on habanaros, so this definitely isn't going to be a universal favorite amongst chocolate lovers. I wish there was a super dark chocolate version because I feel like the bitterness does a better job balancing the spice. But one bar of this will last me weeks of hosting for gatherings with heat loving friends. From coffee to icrecream to russian stouts and cocktails. I'm going to shave this stuff on my cigars and into my cognac even. I just need that chocolate spice in my life. Thank you!!!! -Scott Wray

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