What a long strange trip its been.....

12th Jul 2021


It has been over a year since we invented the Covid Bunny and put it on the site. 16 months since the lock down forced us to close our retail store for 2 months. The world has changed dramatically. The deaths of over 4 million people globally, with over 600,000 of those just in our country alone. Terrible toll on humanity as well as the economic toll on businesses across the spectrum.Unfathomable.

Not in my most fevered nightmares, and let me tell you there has been quite a few in the last years, did I ever think I would be making Covid Bunnies again. But here we are. 

The psychological terror of living with the unknown, of possibly catching a  disease that might or might not kill you is devastating to watch and experience. Here in Oregon we have done ok on a per capita basis but that has come at a steep price; from the inability to open schools or restaurants or have any kind of concert. And you know how much I love loud live music.

The business is still here. We have made it this far with a determination that can only be called heroic. From the belt tightening of last summer and fall to the crazy chocolate filled holiday rush, it has been a wild and scary ride. I really thought we are gonna go under. I really did. But we found a way. We shortened our hours, took pay cuts, lessened our overhead by slashing the sheer volume of ingredients required to maintain 70 different flavors and generally did what we though was best; for us and our customers.

I know many have been disappointed when they come into the shop and can no longer spend 1/2 hour picking out each individual piece or that the piece THEY loved is not being made. But we couldn't continue doing what we did and still make rent and payroll. The numbers just didn't add up. With none of the attractions that bring tourists through our valley (500,000 a year!) So we cut 2/3rds of the pieces out and pre-packaged everything in sets of our best sellers. Its streamlined and sped up the time people spend in our small not very well ventilated shop. In our own way protecting not only our staff, but our customers as well. We did what we thought was right.

As the summer of 2021 progresses we are reassessing how we "get back to normal". Not an easy task. We too are experiencing the labor issue. With business still down we don't have resources to hire too many staff but we can begin to. Today is the day we finally opened up 7 days a week. We have just enough exactly perfect people to help you enjoy the treats we off full time now. Whew.

For those of you who have supported us through this time we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.Without your support we would not be here now. Its hard to believe it been 20 years since I first started using my raspberries to make primitive truffles. It truly has been a long strange trip.

So, lets do this. Lets all get vaccinated if we can and attempt some kind of "back to normal" thing. That way we can have concerts and festivals and large loud live music nights.



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