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Chocolate Shop

Browse Lillie Belle Farms entire online catalog of award-winning gourmet chocolate gifts. Our decadent ganaches, bon-bons, caramels and berry cordials are all hand made from the finest organic cocoa beans. Try our famous smokey blue cheese truffles, lavender fleur du sel caramels and our newest line of "Bean to Bar" chocolate bars. You never know what chocolatier Jeff Shepherd will be cooking up next!

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  • Organic Lavender Caramels
  • 12 piece Mixed Chocolates
  • Oregon Hazelnut Bar
  • The Other One - 68% Dark Chocolate Bar
  • Rum-soaked bing cherries in organic dark chocolate ganache.
  • Smokey Blue Cheese Truffle Spread
  • Sunshine Daydream - 45% Bean to Bar Milk Chocolate
  • Belle Of The Berries (Box 12)
  • The Most Awesome Chocolate Bar EVER
  • Bean to Bar, Single Origin Organic Chocolate bars
  • Do Not Eat This Chocolate Bar
  • 24-piece Mixed Chocolates
  • Oregon's Flying Pig Bacon Bar
  • Perfect Illusion - 65% Bean to Bar Dark Chocolate
  • Our New 10 count box! Same price as the old 8pc! Bonus!