Bon Bons

Bon is French for "good," and at Lillie Belle Farms we use the term bon-bon to describe all our decadent, bite-sized chocolate creations that are not ganache-filled. Explore our world of the finest handmade fondant, butter creams, fresh berry cups, cherry cordials, caramels, toasted nuts, truffles and liquor-infused chocolates. Available in 12- or 24-piece boxes of assorted chocolates, or make your own custom collection.

  • Banana Honey Bon Bon

    Banana Honey Bon-Bon

    The perfectly balanced, melt-in-your-mouth, banana ganache with sweet local honey.
  • Apple Ginger Shrub Bon Bon

    Apple Ginger Shrub Bon-Bon

    Sweet/Tart drinking vinegar made with organic apples and crisp ginger in a creamy milk chocolate ganache pops with a unique flavor.
  • Vanilla Bean Ganache

    Vanilla Ganache

    A super rich, milk chocolate, vanilla bean ganache in a creamy white chocolate shell.
  • Double Vanilla Cream

    Double Vanilla Cream

    Massive amounts of organic vanilla bean are folded into a creamy, white chocolate ganache and then "double dipped" in organic dark chocolate.
  • Single Origin Ganache

    Single Origin Ganache

    A pure, single origin, organic chocolate from Madagascar. Wearing fine strands of gold, this rich ganache is truly unique!
  • Raspberry Ganache

    Raspberry Ganache

    Our own organically grown raspberries, infused in a dark chocolate ganache, enrobed in more dark chocolate, finished with a raspberry floral design.
  • Black Pepper Ganache

    Black Pepper Ganache

    A dark chocolate ganache infused with a hint of earthy black pepper, surrounded by dark chocolate and elegantly decorated.
  • Orange Ganache

    Orange Ganache

    A hint of fresh orange peel blended into a creamy dark chocolate ganache. Just like a Orange Chocolate Dreamsicle.
  • Wild Balsamic Cherry

    Wild Balsamic Cherry

    Decadent wild Italian cherries macerated in 8-year-old Balsamic vinegar nestled in a dark chocolate shell. Perfect sweet/tart balance.
  • Vodka Cherry Bon Bon

    Vodka Cherry

    Amarena cherries are soaked for months in a potato-based Polish vodka. Strictly medicinal.
  • Tiramisu


    A double layer of house made espresso caramel over a rum-infused milk chocolate ganache in a dainty dark chocolate shell.
  • Margarita Cup

    Margarita Cup

    Don Julio tequila and fresh key limes in a white chocolate ganache in a dark chocolate cup with a rim of salt.
  • Pecan Chew

    Pecan Chew

    The Pecan Chew combines organic pecans in a rich, vanilla cream caramel.
  • Blood Orange Bon Bon

    Blood Orange

    A tangy, blood orange chocolate filling makes this piece the ultimate orange bite. Hand painted for a little extra pizazz.
  • Lemon Buttercup

    Lemon Buttercup

    Tart fresh lemon butter cream in a white chocolate cup. A lemony dream!
  • Cayenne Caramel

    Cayenne Caramel

    This is our award winner! A soft and creamy liquid caramel with just enough heat to let you know you are alive. Delicious!
  • Strawberry Passion Fruit Buttercup

    Strawberry Passion Fruit Buttercup

    Our own organic strawberries, combined with tangy tropical passion fruit, then blended with fresh Oregon butter to make this super rich delight.
  • Jamaican Spiced Caramel

    Jamaican Spiced Caramel

    This soft caramel is rich with the spices of the island, mon! Cinnamon, coriander, and nutmeg, just to name a few!
  • Maker's Mark Cup

    Maker's Mark Cup

    This decadent cup is filled with pecan butter, dark chocolate and a Maker's Mark whiskey ganache. Topped with a large caramelized pecan.
  • Organic Strawberry Cordial

    Strawberry Cordial

    Our own organic strawberry preserves encased in a beautiful, dark chocolate strawberry style shell.
  • Cherry Cordial

    Cherry Cordial

    Rum-soaked Bing Cherries in a Madagascar vanilla cream. Pop one in your mouth and experience the goodness!
  • Blueberry Bon Bon

    Blueberry Bon-Bon

    A wonderfully, fruity blueberry ganache filled bon-bon. Hand painted swirl and a cool shape too!
  • Lavender Fleur de Sel Caramel

    Lavender Caramel

    Lavender infused caramels topped with Fleur de Sel salt. These are truly the best caramels on the planet.

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