Splitting the World in Two Pt. 1

13th Apr 2014


At least that is what it sounds like when a Dutch person greets you when you enter their store/shop/bakery/coffee house...

Just got back from an amazing trip to Amsterdam and Tokyo. We sell chocolate there(Amsterdam) and it seemed like a good idea to deliver an order as well as attend some sort of chocolate conference that was happening. The event, dubbed "Chocoa" was ok. I really only attended the first day which was billed as a "Trade Show". I was  meeting various growers and farmers and producers of cacao beans from around the world

I met growers from Nicaragua, Trinidad, Brazil, Ghana, and Bolivia. These were the real people; the people who tend the plants and harvest and dry the beans. These people are the salt of the earth and are proud of their terroir. As well they should be. Samples should be forthcoming. 

The fun part was the city and the people. I love the Dutch. Their culture and history and outlook on life is refreshing. The city also houses some of the greatest art ever created by mankind and I was honored to take Lillie and Belle to the museums. As an artist myself I simply must go to the Van Gogh museum every time I am there. I get Vincent; his passion, his vision, his madness. I am fond of telling people that I am always one bad weekend away from chopping my own ear off....

here a few pics of the events and places I went to and remembered that my phone had a camera in it....enjoy..

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