Splitting the World in Two Pt.2

13th Apr 2014

Domo Arigato....

Or...thank you as they say in Tokyo. My god what a whirlwind 3 weeks it has been. Yes, Amsterdam was kinda like business, but Tokyo was pure pleasure. I did an impulsive and once in a life time thing---I took a friend up on his offer to come to Tokyo for some Bob Dylan shows.

Yes. Bob Dylan. My friend is a highly placed person within the Dylan organization and he occasionally invites me to shows; he knows I am a fan. Most of the time I just laugh and say "I am NOT flying to Rome for the weekend dude!" But this time the stars were aligning. I had the time, I had the money, and--most importantly--Lillie and Belle said GO FOR IT!

So off I went. Solo, alone, not a clue how to communicate or get around. Coming off the previous week in Holland I was not prepared to go the opposite direction on the globe and fly yet another 5,000 miles into the sun and do this. But did it I did.

It was awesome and awe inspiring. The timing could not have been better. It was cherry blossom time and I was rewarded with the all the beauty Tokyo could throw at me in that form. The people were super polite, extremely clean and punctual and have zero sense of personal space. Then again I suppose they wouldn't being stacked so many to so few square miles. I was struck dumb a couple times by the sheer volume of humanity in such a small space. The trains, the metros, the sidewalks were just packed-day and night. 

The food was incredible; from the cheapest noodle shops to the fancy fine dining places. The sushi was phenomenal, the sake cold and refreshing and the snacks to die for.

The Japanese Dylan Heads are one of a kind. They were reverent through out until the appropriate time for applause and then erupted in cheers and whistles and clapping. Dylan's global reach was made very apparent when he launched into old classics but the crowd was just as captivated by the new material as well. It was a slice of rock and roll history in the making that I was honored and humbled to a be  part of and from my cat bird seat at the soundboard every night I i took it all in with a smile.

here are a few pics....there will be more...

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