The Utility Chocolate Research Kitchen Has Gone Insane

27th May 2014

Ok, so we are chocolate makers/ chocolatiers. We got that down to science. But in our never ending pursuit of perfection and decadence we took to the boards and got busy experimenting with some baked goods. You see I was once a pastry chef and baker. I got up when most folks went to bed, drove to work when the bars closed and worked for hours in the middle of the night to bake fresh breads and pastries for various eateries.

I loved it. I missed it. Alas I  am not into keeping those weird vampire hours anymore but I came up with another solution. Bake during the daytime. But what to bake? Well anything with  our own chocolate of course!

The initial launch in our retail store of own own "Bean-To-Chocolate Chip" cookies and brownies has been nothing short of spectacular. Using our own "Purple Haze"- a 75% dark Venezuelan chocolate as a starting point we crafted the perfect chocolate chip cookie. Moist, chewy, chocolatey. Then we thought- "well, we make our own peanut butter; why not a peanut butter cookie?"

so we did that too; but it has our own "Perfect Illusion"-65% dark Peruvian chocolate chips in it. Can you say sublime?

Then we just had to make brownies. So we chose our "Ramblin Rose"-70% Madagascar dark chocolate to make brownies from scratch. Not content to just make em plain we just happened to have some of our world famous Pistachio Toffee made and chunk-ed that up and threw that in as well. OMG! as the kids would say.....

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