Travelin Lite..Pt.2

1st Dec 2014

Of course it didnt end New Orleans...oh no....I was destined to complete my 10 day journey by going long....

I left that fertile crescent very early on the 20th so I could make it to SF in time to catch one of my favorite bands perform live for 3 nights at the infamous Fillmore auditorium. The Drive By Truckers were ending their 2014 touring schedule by recording a live album there and I was not about to miss it.

If you are not familiar with this band you should be. They have been playing together--or, at least the 2 main guys have been together- for over 20 years. Their discography is vast and yet the whole live album thing has not been in their repertoire. Amazing for a band who is well known for their road dog lifestyle and penchant for on the road parties.

To describe their music is difficult. While they are certainly a rock band and they are from the south, to call them a southern rock band would be to miss the point entirely. They capture the essence of southern culture complete with the warts, disease, politics, and and beauty that can only be described as sublime. For me there is no way to pigeon hole this band. They encompass everything about American songwriting and the true essence of rock that has kept me fired up for live music my whole life. Their recordings are great and allow you to immerse yourself in their gritty look at such subjects as murder, incest, robbery, racism, love, drinking, drugs, truth, lies, corporate thievery, government intrusion, pain, and loss. 

What I witnessed in SF was no less than epic. Each night was a laundry list of their greatest hits and new materiel. Over 57 songs in 3 days; only a few of which were played all 3 nights--obviously ones they WANT on the record. I had good friends from all over the world fly and drive in. I met new friends who also had spanned the globe to witness this historic run of shows. Scotland, China, New Jersey, Connecticut, Georgia, Florida, Oregon, Utah, Colorado, Virginia and a few other scattered places were all represented by die hard fans who knew the words to every song and were thrilled to be a part of it.

I include for you some pictures and videos to let you know what a real live RAWK SHOW! Is like in 2014. Enjoy!

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