where does the time go?

19th May 2022

I almost forgot about this. You see, like most everyone on the planet, I went insane. Between the pandemic, supply chains clogging up like an artery fed big macs 24/7, economic collapse, fires, floods, and now war, its taxing....

Yea, last time was a bit grim. Almost a year. The same situations continued to plague us. The labor market has changed. Dramatically. Help wanted ads would go months with a qualified candidate. Often a poor fit would be hired only to leave in a short time. But what we found was a personal resilience. A determination to do what it takes to not only keep up with holidays of Christmas, Valentines and Easter, but to do it with grace and humility.

I was reminded by customers that after 20years of being here we had become a "family tradition". Young parents with kids in tow regaling me of when THEY came in on school tours as children. Twas humbling. I also felt a certain sense of accomplishment. Like a life well lived kind of thing. The glow of success in a human sense as opposed to monetary based success. The reward for 2 decades of chocolate making was right in front me. The people who have kept coming back. Year after year, decade after decade. Whether it was once a week or once a year they reminded me this was their favorite place.

So a few months back I signed another lease. Gave it 3 more years and said I would look at when I turned 62. The only way to make that work from a creative standpoint was do something different. So I bought a nice Italian Gelato machine and have been experimenting making different home made ice creams and gelatos. 

OMG! I love this. From using our own vanilla extract to strawberry preserves we have been gorging ourselves on experiments. Butter pecan? Check. Pistachio gelato? Check. Blood Orange push ups? Check. Rum Raisin using our own spiced rum? Yes please.

So today, of course, we launched them in our store. The Chocolate ice cream made with a 17 country blend of cacao is to die for. The ice cream sandwiches of Vanilla ice cream between chocolate chip cookies made with our bean to bar chips is deadly. And last but least the Pistachio is in the store. Its super sublime and tastes just like the pistachio gelato I got wandering Venice Italy  one warm night 23 years ago.....

anyway. I am stoked to still be doing this kind of culinary wonderment and am very pleased you all keep supporting us.

Oh did I mention I get to go to High Sierra Music Festival this summer? Oh yea! Loud Live Music is back. Long live music!



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