Where does the time go?

13th Mar 2014

Wow. Bad blogger. I am supposed to keep you all updated on a much more regular basis but life accelerated to a frenzy pitch around Valentines Day and it hasn't let up yet. Nor would we want it to. I have just gone crazy making bunnies, inventing new product, planning adventures around the globe an generally being sleepless.

First let me lay on you our philosophy. 

  • The most important thing is playing and creating. Everything else is secondary.
  • Work is a family affair. It's important to shelter, support and share with a larger community.
  • Money is second fiddle to living the kind of life you want to live. You can build your own economy.
  • There are pitfalls to being a renegade but they come with the territory. Accept the hazards and finger-pointing as a small hindrance of living differently.
  • Push the envelope whenever possible

I borrow this from Jerry Garcia. It is 5 points that guided the grateful dead throughout their career. They were very successful. Much of this applies to Lillie Belle Farms.

 Fun in our work environment is key. We create better when we have fun. 

We take care of each other. Many people here have been here for years. We work and play together and share our experiences with those around us. 

None of are getting rich in the chocolate business. 

The pitfalls have been many and just when we think we got this, we end up feeling like we are playing lawn darts in the fog; you never see the one that impales you. Being singled out as an iconoclast, rebel, hippie, <insert derogatory name here>, would probably make most folk reassess their life. It only makes us stronger in our beliefs and methods. Point fingers at us and we just hang our hats on it.

Pushing the envelope is what we do. It is how we get up in the morning. It is our ethos.

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