International Chocolate Awards Pt. II

21st Oct 2013


So I knew they were going to announce the winners of the chocolate awards in London on Saturday. It took me awhile on Sunday to find out the results. Not because they were slow in putting the list of winners on their website--they are. But because it is not a very recognizable competition outside of the small incestuous and highly strange chocolate world. Googling for news was fruitless. Scouring facebook for information was also a dumb idea. It dawned on me to use twitter and that how I found out we won the silver.

Yes. Twitter. That 140 character oh so trendy useless POS medium that had eluded me lo these few short years as it became some kind of communicable disease. When the craze hit I signed up my business @lilliebellefarm but have made all of a couple hundred tweets in 5 years. I hate it. I cant, for the life of me, get why its sooo cool. I cannot express myself in 140 characters. But I digress....

A reliable friend of mine in the industry was in London and tweeting live each category's winners as they were announced. I found his feed, scrolled through two days worth of tweets(the guy can tweet let me tell you) and found the category of "Dark Chocolate Caramels". What it said was "silver-rococo x2, lillie belle farms, gold-paul a, young". I am taking this to mean that rococo chocolates won 2 silver medals and we won a silver medal and paul won the gold. This is the only information I have on this at this time but it seems to me to be pretty clear. Now normally I wouldnt get too excited about this but wtf? There were finalists from all over the world. We were the only winner in this category from the US in the finals.

What this means, to me, is that we are still relevant. There lots of new chocolate trends going on and new faces in the industry and new ideas that suck and taste like crap. There some stunning new and fresh ideas as well and it is easy for people to dismiss us as "old hat", "nothing special", "all hype".....these are all things people have said about me. Well every time I pick up some accolade from an unbiased judging system based on blind tastings I can heartily scoff at my detractors.

Anyway....YAY FOR US!!!! Not too shabby for a hippie from oregon eh?



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