International Chocolate Awards

3rd Oct 2013

Dateline October 2nd....

The International Chocolate Awards--a little known but seemingly important series of awards that coincide with London's  famous "Chocolate Week" have announced their America's Round Finalists. There are a bunch of catagories and many chocolate people entered a boat load of products accross mutiple places. We, of course, are cheap skates and only enter what we think is good and has a chance of winning. This year we entered our wildly popular "Lavender Sea Salt Caramels. These bad boys have been a staple, nay- an ICON for us for about 9 years. They first came to prominance around 2005 when I got them into Martha Stewarts hands she used them for her christmas gifts. Then they got into Oprah's hands and were one of her christmas choices. Needless to say we have been making them everyday for years and years. It is the main reason our building is painted purple. I love these floral beauties.

Anyway, the results finally got back to me last night and we won the Silver Award! This means they qualify to go to London and be judged yet again to see if they are world class....kind of a moot point really but who doesnt want another feather in their cap? So we are cranking out a special batch and will send them across the pond and see what happens.


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