• 14th Apr 2014

    Splitting the World in Two Pt. 1

    Halloooo!At least that is what it sounds like when a Dutch person greets you when you enter their store/shop/bakery/coffee house...Just got back from an amazing trip to Amsterdam and Tokyo. We sell ch…

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  • 14th Mar 2014

    Where does the time go?

    Wow. Bad blogger. I am supposed to keep you all updated on a much more regular basis but life accelerated to a frenzy pitch around Valentines Day and it hasn't let up yet. Nor would we want it to. I h…

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  • 10th Jan 2014

    Gotta love it.....

    Sorry for the delay folks. Left ya froze up like my pipes. What a tale to tell my friends.... When last you heard from me I was frozen. 3 days with no water...well that didn’t end well. The fre…

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  • 9th Jan 2014


    Too cold for this..... yes indeed, here we are....the Holidays are upon us. I suppose they have been for awhile but the full onset of Thanksgiving into Christmas is in full tilt last minute frenzy. E…

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  • 17th Nov 2013


    November 15th, 2013.... Tis the season. The season of chocomares. What is that you ask? Well children, gather 'round, grab a cup of drinking chocolate and let the chocolatier explain.   &n…

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  • 16th Nov 2013

    Teaching Chocolate Classes....

    November 10th, 2013- So I taught a "Chocolate Ganache & Molding "class at the Ashland Culinary Festival yesterday. Bottom line? It was fun. I don’t get out and do many demos anymore. The rea…

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  • 21st Oct 2013

    International Chocolate Awards Pt. II

    10/21/2013--- So I knew they were going to announce the winners of the chocolate awards in London on Saturday. It took me awhile on Sunday to find out the results. Not because they were slow in putti…

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  • 17th Oct 2013

    Chocolate Perfection

    The endless pursuit of perfection is my life. Some say I have it down but I can assure you I do not. For 4 years I have strived to create really good chocolate from scratch. It has not been easy. I ha…

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  • 3rd Oct 2013

    International Chocolate Awards

    Dateline October 2nd.... The International Chocolate Awards--a little known but seemingly important series of awards that coincide with London's  famous "Chocolate Week" have announced their Ame…

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  • 3rd Oct 2013

    Lets Blog this bad boy....

    I have been hounded and cajoled and twisted to create a blog about my chocolate experiences. Well, here we go. I intend to write how I feel and what I see and what I have acomplished and ruined and ma…

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