• 24th Jan 2024

    Happy New Year????

    2024 dawned exquisitely bright over the coastal range of southern Oregon this year. The pastel pinks and oranges as the dawn approached were stunning and electric. Like a squirrel hair fan brushed by…

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  • 19th May 2022

    where does the time go?

    I almost forgot about this. You see, like most everyone on the planet, I went insane. Between the pandemic, supply chains clogging up like an artery fed big macs 24/7, economic collapse, fires, floods…

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  • 19th Mar 2020

    COVID Bunnies Bring Early EASTER

    "You know its gonna get stranger....."With the rapidly changing circumstances surrounding this global pandemic we are making some changes. We have always felt that chocolate is essential. We do not wa…

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  • 14th Nov 2018

    All good things in all good time......

    I know I know.....I suck at this blog thing. Haven't published a damn thing since 2016....but its time. With our new mobile friendly website now online and some 16 years of chocolate making under my b…

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  • 13th Jan 2016

    Things Change...........

    Things ChangeThey say change is the only constant in the universe. I can attest to that......Its been over a year since my last blog post. I have a million excuses; none of which I am going to burden…

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  • 1st Dec 2014

    Travelin Lite..Pt.2

    Of course it didnt end New Orleans...oh no....I was destined to complete my 10 day journey by going long....I left that fertile crescent very early on the 20th so I could make it to SF in…

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  • 1st Dec 2014

    Travelin' Lite..Pt.1

    Once more the intermittent urge to write is upon me. Time is precious and the processing of life is all consuming. This, of course, does not stop one from utilizing the time/space continuum  with…

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  • 12th Nov 2014

    They Love Each Other

    Music, as you know, is the binding ingredient in my life. Loud, live music is, for me and many in the tribe I belong to, a guiding light for us. It connects us on a primal and spiritual level to each…

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  • 18th Aug 2014

    so you wanna be a rock n roll star...

    Wow. I totally forgot about this whole blog thing. Not my fault is....but I have some good excuses...sortaIt was heading into summer and for me that means concert season. I l…

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  • 14th Apr 2014

    Splitting the World in Two Pt.2

    Domo Arigato....Or...thank you as they say in Tokyo. My god what a whirlwind 3 weeks it has been. Yes, Amsterdam was kinda like business, but Tokyo was pure pleasure. I did an impulsive and once in a…

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